Fhyzics Business Consultants' Knowledge Base

Pedagogy: Executive Development Programs (EDP)

Fhyzics Executive Development Programs adopt a multi-modal approach to impart knowledge to the participants.

Classroom Teaching - 60%

Our trainers use Power Point Presentations and White Board to explain the theoretical and practical aspects of the given subject matter. The purpose of this approach is to impart a sound understanding of the concept which will enable to apply those concepts in the case studies, situational reasoning and concept quizzes sections.

Case Studies - 20%

Case studies enable the participants to apply the learnings and help them to validate their understanding on the subject matter.

Situational Reasoning - 10%

In this section, the participants will be provided various situations where they are expected to explain what is the problem all about and what would be their approach to solve those problems.

Concept Quizzes - 10%

Each day of the program ends with this section to evaluate and report the learning outcome of the students.